WILTON — On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Wilton Select Board ushered in the new year with old business that had yet to be cleared up.

Wilton resident Kara Moody, who lives on Magrath Rd, appeared before the select board during public comment to ask for updates on the closure of her road to winter maintenance.

“I wanted to just get a general update,” Moody stated to the board. “I do have a couple of questions just about the stuff that we talked about last time.”

Moody appeared before the board two times previously, once in September and again on Dec. 20 to discuss the closure of her road to winter maintenance.

At the previous meeting, according to Town Manager Perry Ellsworth, an order was needed to close the road and the closure is only valid for ten years. This led to a discussion amongst the board over the validity of discontinuing winter maintenance to roads like Magrath Rd.

At this meeting, Ellsworth claims there is still more research that needs to be performed before it can move forward.


“Indicators are telling me that after talking with our attorney, it’s pretty likely that we should be plowing all three roads that are closed,” Ellsworth stated. The other two roads he is referring to are Farmer’s Rd near Temple and Cemetery Rd.

There’s work that must be done for that to happen, he added.

One of those items involves an easement, which would allow a snowplow to maneuver on the road and turn around without having to use private property. Ellsworth also stated that contract would need to be made to make sure the road gets regular plowing and that he hopes he will have more to offer Moody at the next meeting.

“So, there’s a lot of things to work out, but I think we’ll be closer to it at the next meeting,” Ellsworth stated. “And I’ll have a full written report as to what I think needs to happen coming out shortly so that we can start working on it, whether it’s working on the easements, whether it’s working on who’s doing what, whether it’s a new contract that we’re going to have put in place and or whatever, but we won’t leave we won’t leave you stranded up there.”

Ellsworth also addressed the board, stating that the window to discuss and make final decisions on road closures is between May and October.

“You folks are going to have to make some decisions,” he said.


Moody questioned why the plowing work was not being done if it was technically supposed to be done.

“Technically, that’s a technical question because it’s according to who you talk to. And there’s been a lot more work done on discontinued and non-maintenance roads over the last two or three years,” Ellsworth stated.

Ellsworth also advised Moody that if the Wilton Select board was unable to assist her in this matter, she could gather at least seven signatures on a petition and take it to the to the county commissioners to reopen the roads to winter maintenance.

“I just hope that you’re understanding my point of view, too,” Moody said. “I originally came to the board in September and brought this issue up at that time. And now it’s January, and you’re saying that they probably should be plowing the road. We’ve already spent $400 this winter alone to plow and sand this road that apparently the town maybe should have been plowing.”

In other business, the select board voted unanimously to have Ellsworth sign the contract with IMC to get county upgrades for the dispatch center.

In July of last year, Franklin County commissioners voted to use up to $500,000 in federal funds to buy a new computer-aided dispatch and record-keeping system for county emergency services. It also allowed Information Management Corp [IMC] permission to build a customized CentralSquare Pro system.

According to Ellsworth, the total cost which includes upgrades, licensing and subscription fees will amount to $14,449.88.

When a member of the board asked where the funding would come from, Chairmen David Levitt stated, “Worst case scenario, I would think it would come out of our emergency [funds].”

“I believe that we don’t have to pay this till December of 2024,” Ellsworth stated. “In essence, we’re agreeing to pay it in the next budget.”

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