WINSLOW — A police search for a man who reportedly assaulted a woman Thursday morning at a house on Boston Avenue prompted nearby schools to take extra security precautions, officials said.

Chief Leonard Macdaid of the Winslow Police Department said the man went to the woman’s residence at about 10 a.m. and assaulted her.

Macdaid declined to identify the suspect — in case it could lead him to go into “deeper hiding” —  but said “we know who it is.”

The man had fled in a vehicle by the time officers arrived at the house, and Macdaid said the suspect later ditched the vehicle and fled on foot.

Macdaid said his department was working to have a warrant issued for the man’s arrest.

“The public is definitely not in danger,” he said. “He’s on foot running around somewhere, but the female is safe at this point.”


Investigators were not clear how the man and woman knew each other.

“I know it’s a domestic situation, but I’m unclear what their relationship is,” Macdaid said.

Superintendent Peter Thiboutot said Winslow High School and other nearby schools were locked for less than an hour in the morning to ensure students and staff members were safe.

“We did a lockout until we heard from the police that the situation was resolved,” Thiboutot wrote in an email. “We continued with our normal day without incident.”

Boston Avenue runs between Clinton Avenue and Danielson Street, where Winslow High School is located.

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