When a winter storm hits, your driveway may not be the only area that will require attention. Snow loads and ice dams on the roof and overhangs of your home, garage or business are important to pay attention to. If left unattended, heavy snow loads and ice can cause collapse, damage or even injury. Establish a plan to remove snow regularly following a storm to prevent ice build up and ice dams from forming.

Always make sure to keep chimneys and vents clear of snow and ice. Carbon monoxide poisoning can result when chimneys and vents are blocked. In addition to making sure ventilation is clear, if you haven’t invested in carbon monoxide detectors for your home or business, this small investment is an easy and effective preventative measure that can save lives.

Incidents of ice fishing and skating mishaps have already made the news this winter. Always make sure to practice safety on the ice on local lakes, ponds and rivers regardless of your activity this time of year. Check for and stay away from any cracks or melting ice as these are signs that the ice isn’t stable.

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