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Stone Mountain Arts Center will host The Rough & Tumble at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 20, at the center at 695 Dugway Road, in Brownfield.

With many indie awards under their belt this tiny traveling folk band, has lived 10 years as a band and many years full time on the road with their two dogs in a 16-foot camper.

“True Troubadors” In 2015 Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler quit their day jobs, sold everything they owned, and gave their 30-day notice on their rental house to trade in for a life permanently on the road. Don’t let their vagabond tendencies fool you, this americana-folk duo are a compact team of close harmonies, versatile instrumentation, and deliberate songwriting all presented with a nudge of the elbow and a tongue in the cheek.

Tickets cost $20.

For tickets, or more information, visit

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