If Pine Tree Power seizes Central Maine Power and Versant, politicians will be in full control of the new government-owned utility and under enormous pressure to cut costs. People like me — who work hard every day so electricity is delivered safely — could lose our jobs. Hundreds of us who are trained to operate the electric grid could be deemed irrelevant, even at this critical time of increased electrification and worsening storms.

We won’t be the only ones impacted. Contractors, many of them small local businesses who work with us to keep electricity flowing, would be at risk as well. That could amount to hundreds more Maine jobs lost.

I’m skeptical politicians will take the time to understand the significance of our jobs. It won’t matter to them what employees and contractors do. Their focus will be on the bottom line so they can keep their own jobs. We can’t let Pine Tree Power become a reality.

Dan Washburn


(The writer is a lineworker, 1st class, with Central Maine Power.)

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