Mount Vernon’s Neighbors Driving Neighbors plans soon to provide free transportation to residents of Readfield who don’t drive.

“Readfield and we have had each other in our sights for over a year and are thrilled that this collaboration is now being realized,” NDN President Harald Bredesen said in a news release from Cindy Murphy, board member, Outreach Committee member.

Readfield Town Manager Eric Dyer echoed Bredesen. “We’ve been admiring the value NDN delivers to its service-area communities and look forward to a successful launch over the next several months,” he said. “This is an important piece of the puzzle for communities like ours with close proximity to service centers but limited transportation options.”

A working group made up of representatives of NDN and Readfield is recruiting an initial group of drivers and riders with a plan to initiate service provision in the spring. “We’ll be scheduling training sessions for prospective drivers and conducting intake interviews of residents who are looking for rides,” said Joe Austin, NDN’s executive director.

Bredesen added that NDN volunteer drivers have now driven more than 100,000 miles to help over 180 different riders get to where they need to go. “The heart of NDN is the volunteer driver. It is that community spirit that makes NDN possible and that makes Readfield a natural next step. What better way to mark the 100,000th mile than to invite the neighbors?”

Interested riders and drivers can email Austin at [email protected].



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