Wilton artist Barbara Hathaway, painter of sunsets, is making Hearts of Love again this year that will go out this month.

Hearts of Love are just to let others know they are special. It is a good way to give them thanks for what they do in the church or community, according to a news release from Hathaway.

Others can join in and make Hearts of Love to give or leave for a neighbor, at school for teachers, the mail person, members of the police and fire departments, and some those at work, library or church.

Last year artists, church people, club members and extension homemakers helped to make the Hearts Of Love. Hathaway hopes they will help this year, along with anyone else who wants to participate. People can make any size hearts, decorate them, and write something special on the heart.

A teacher commented that to receive a Heart of Love would make them feel their hard work was appreciated in the community. A Lion’s Club member thought it was a good idea, and Skowhegan Women’s Club and Maine Federation of Woman’s Clubs have helped to Make Hearts of Love.

February is also Heart Month, for which people can wear red.


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