In a recent op-ed (“Commentary: Let’s let Maine parents decide how to spend on education,” Jan. 26), the question was posed: “Why are parents still expected to accept a one-size-fits-all ‘solution’ for their child’s education?” But the answers were skewed, misinformed, divisive and appear to be political in nature, not based on fact or history.

The truth is that our public schools do tailor their classes to the needs of students by utilizing various groupings, tutoring and content, and parents can view curriculum and even have their child opt out of certain content. For students with special needs, individualized education plans are developed, and parents have input during this process and have rights to appeal.

Our nation depends on the importance of every child receiving a free public education that includes math, history and English. Many have honors courses, gifted child and tutoring programs and a variety of school clubs, and parents certainly have rights in all of these.

What is true is that we are often so worried about increasing our taxes that there never seems to be enough money for students of special education and for other important student needs. Taking away Maine taxes to fund private schools or home-schooling curriculum or school choice would be disastrous for our public schools.

Our public school system is not perfect, but we are always working to improve. Perhaps Rep. Laurel Libby, one of the op-ed’s co-authors, ought to speak to her school superintendent and learn the truth of the rights of parents in Maine school systems.


Sandra and Ole Jaeger


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