FAIRFIELD — Lawrence Junior High School has announced the following students were named to its second quarter honor roll for the 2022-23 academic year.


Grade 7: Evan Bowers, McKayla Cole, Legacy Curtis, Isabelle Drake, Paige Dutill, Eliza-Lynn Gagnon, Natalee Grard, Natalie Grard, Emma Hale, Wyatt Hanson and Nadia Hutchison.

Also, Landas Mansfield, Chasen McGowen, Emicka Nickerson, Brooke Pooler, Jennifer Portilho, Lillian Poulin, Samuel Quick, Landon Smyth, Caimbree Stevens, Haydyn Stymiest, Logan Wise and Scarlett Wood.

Grade 8: Alexis Allen, Taylor Beers, Piper Carter, Carissa Crowell, Theodore Currier-Webb, Hunter Curtis, Sage Dugal, Jaycie Elkins, Arianna Ferris, Brian Getchell, Callum Goldsmith, Wyatt Graves and Joseph Greene.

Also, Hunter Hachey, Jaycee Hale, Neil Hapworth, Taylor Harding, Taylor Hatt, Emma Heald, Isaac Johnson, Channing Kelly, Amiah Laweryson, Jacob Lawler, Lexi Lepage and Logan Levesque.

Also, Benjamin Murphy, Marley Peaslee, Jack Pelletier, Lily Poulliot, Damien Michael Prindall, Riley Proud, Dominic Santiago, Rylan Smith and Emma Spaulding.


Also, Tucker St. Jarre, Leah Tibbetts, Hermione Walker, London Wilkie, Paige Willard and Austin Young.

High Honors

Grade 7: Katharine Brown, Jocelyn Clark, Noah Cole, Jackson Dangler, Hannah Doucette, Rosabella Garza, Carter Grenier, Victoria Hahn, Tyler Hersey, Sadie Higgins and Benjamin Holden.

Also, Cooper King, Paige Lane, Brooklyn Linton, Graham Lynch, Nolan Owens, Wyatt Pelletier, Miles Provost, Ryder Provost, Ezra Richardson, Mariah Salsbury, Keon Tae Stevens, Codey Violette and Wesley Violette.

Grade 8: Isabell DaPonte, Trevor Dennis, Wilhelmina Duffy, Vance Duguay, Chandler Firmage, Cody Gagnon, Noah Garza, Madison Hughes, Ping Ping Jiang, Jenna Lawe and Addison Lea.

Also, Charlee Matthews, Parker Merritt, Quin Merritt, Kierra Moody, Michaela Phillips, Natily Reid, Nora Taylor and Alexandria Young.


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