I believe that the citizens of central Maine should make a priority to travel more. It seems as though people would rather spend their money on expensive trucks rather than experience a new place, and I disagree with this ideology. Traveling allows you to become more confident, independent, and expands your intercultural communication skills. I understand not everyone can afford this luxury, but I do think that it depends on where you’re putting your priorities. Some people would rather spend money on material items, while I would much rather spend money on experiences that will help me grow and create lifelong memories. I think that everyone should prioritize the latter.

It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. I feel that some people get stuck in their ways when their life becomes redundant; isn’t it important to be able to welcome positive change and new experiences? Traveling challenges us and teaches us how to quickly adapt and learn to embrace new cultures. It strengthens many skills that are then transferable to our careers and daily lives. So why do some people deny themselves this chance to grow?

It doesn’t need to be expensive to travel or have new experiences outside of your hometown. When you have the money to spare, instead of going shopping for material items, try doing a weekend out of state, whether that’s somewhere near or far. I truly feel traveling in whatever capacity you can is important to our own growth and development as people.

Alexis Grant


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