As a Marine Corps sergeant, with honored service during the Korean War, I fault two Maine Representatives holding sage seats in Maine’s House. The front page press account of their verbal dribble valued cash over lives (“Resolution supporting Ukraine sparks angry exchange in Maine House,” March 7).

House Minority Leader Billy Bob Faulkingham, and Rep. John Andrews fronted opposition to our nation’s economic and humanitarian effort for Ukraine. An estimated 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced; 8,000 civilians have died, including at least 400 children. Rep. Rebecca Millett cared enough to comment that, “Nothing justifies the extinguishing a culture, a nation, a people,” she added, “Nothing.”

The referenced press piece carried plural remarks by Andrews, including the one where he called Ukraine “one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.” Of course, such unsupported remarks, even on the floor of the House, equal zilch.

Drawn to a Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing conclusion, grounded on his “barbarous war,” Ukraine will not survive.

Even when someone is drowning, we care enough to try to save them.

John Benoit


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