ROME — Voters at Saturday’s annual Town Meeting approved spending $105,000 to reconstruct Ladd Road and the end of Wentworth Place, and decided to appropriate money received from a local road assistance program to help with the project.

In other road-related matters, residents voted to spend $36,000 to repair roads and bridges.

In elections held Friday, voters elected Kelly Archer to serve as first selectman, Larry Dipietro Jr. as second selectman and Robert Hudson as third selectman. Hudson defeated Langdon Adams 79-63.

At the meeting Saturday, voters approved a municipal budget of about $981,200, which is down from the prior town budget of around $986,500.

Among the spending approved by residents was $25,000 for maintenance and operation of the Rome Community Center, but they defeated a request to spend $15,000 to repair the community center’s septic system. Voters agreed, however, to spend $10,000 for the community center reserve account.

Voters defeated a request to begin a reserve account for a town revaluation planned for 2025 and appropriate $27,600 for that account.

Voters also approved spending $63,000 for the town’s solid waste disposal contract with Waste Management Crossroads in Norridgewock; $51,150 for the Fire Department; $42,240 for the town’s share of the second Belgrade Lakes full-time firefighter/paramedic’s salary and benefits; $29,621 for Belgrade Village Dam concrete remediation; $17,200 for regional emergency dispatch services; $15,465 for a contract with Delta Ambulance to continue to serve the town; $12,850 for the Rome Rescue Department; $10,000 for the Fire Department to arrange delivery of a new tanker/pumper truck; and $10,000 for the fire truck reserve account.

Voters also agreed to spend $24,000 as a donation to the Belgrade Lakes Association to mitigate milfoil in Great Meadow Stream, Great Pond and Long Pond, and support courtesy boat inspections and other water quality issues.

Additionally, residents voted to accept a newly developed Rome Comprehensive Plan, and chose three people from the floor to form the new Rome Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee. Joan Orr was chosen to serve a three-year term, Barbara Russell a two-year term and Larry Stafford a one-year term.

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