Amy Stacey Curtis Submitted photo

Singer Amy Stacey Curtis, accompanying herself on ukulele, will perform at the Oasis of Music beginning at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29, at the LA Arts gallery in Lewiston.

Curtis is an award-winning visual artist who sings ukulele covers as a way to heal from brain injury. After six years of recovery, during which she progressed from wheelchair to walker to cane, she was still struggling with speech and movement disorders. Several months ago, she intuited that if she learned a skill requiring her to do multiple things at the same time, she might build new neuropathways and continue to heal. Within a week of playing and singing, her speech and movement were near “normal.” She practices every day to keep healing.

Curtis can often be heard at the Monday open mic series at The 1800 Club in Auburn.

The Oasis of Music is a weekly music series of performances of roughly thirty minutes, running from September to May. Admission is free, with donations accepted. The musical genres vary greatly, in largely, but not exclusively, acoustic formats. COVID restrictions of optional mask-wearing and social distancing are observed. The LA Arts gallery is located at 168 Lisbon Street in Lewiston. For more information, call 207-344-3106.

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