May common sense again return to our legislative halls. I’m writing in support of Rep. John Andrews’ bill L.D. 685, “An Act to Codify That Freedom of Access Act and Freedom of Information Act Requests Are Not Hate Crimes”. This bill is a much-needed response to what the Maine School Management Association (MSMA) was trying to do last fall. Ostensibly, their aim was to classify parental inquiry and involvement as “hate speech”.

A moment of clarity is needed here. Is it now a “hate crime” for parents and other concerned citizens to want to know what is being taught in our public schools? For us to want “transparency and accountability” is not an unreasonable position. Therefore, I honestly don’t understand why MSMA is having such a hissy fit regarding this issue — unless it’s the fact that they want to be the sole proprietors of our children’s education. And obviously, they want to do that behind closed doors!

Newsflash: Parents are the first teachers and bear the responsibility for the well-being of their children; thus, we have a compelling interest to be aware and involved. Why do we have to fight so hard to challenge the state, just to retain rights over our own children?

So, Legislators, please take note: Support L.D. 685 and the issue of parental involvement! Our children’s education is our future, and it must not fall into a false ideology — top heavy with critical race theory, gender dysphoria, and climate change.

The following words of wisdom serve as a strong warning to our society: “The teaching in the schools of one generation becomes the government of the next.” – Abraham Lincoln


Pat Truman


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