Deeda, who was covered in mange when she first arrived at the Franklin County Animal Shelter, is making a fast recovery thanks to the efforts of FCAS and the community, who raised over $7,000 for her medical costs. Submitted photo

FARMINGTON — At Franklin County Animal Shelter, 550 Industry Rd., many critters come in and out of the shelter. For animal lovers everywhere, the desire to take every pet home with them just for the security of knowing they have a safe place to sleep at night is a feeling that many know all too well.

From the start of the new year, FCAS has had 139 intakes. These are animals that have been surrendered, found on the side of the road, or rescued from other shelters and possible euthanasia.

As of Wednesday, March 28, FCAS reported 112 have already left the shelter, either from returning home or finding a new one. Many of these animals have endured hardships, but two stuck out as the biggest success stories for the shelter.

Bodhi, a mixed breed, arrived at the shelter in early November as a stray found in Industry, and upon arrival he was not able to fit in well. According to Kalista Werner, social media coordinator for the shelter, he paced around in his kennel, he was skittish and couldn’t put on much weight in his time there.

However, Bodhi was adopted in February, and since leaving the kennel he has put on 11 pounds and has managed to come out of his shell with his new owner.

Another success was Deeda, another mixed breed surrendered to the shelter in early February with a severe case of mange.


FCAS reached out to the community to find help with medical costs, and according to Werner, the community “blew them out of the water.”

In total, FCAS received $7,153 in donations, with the Solstice Esthetics & The Thrifty Chicks Boutique in Kingfield holding a fundraiser to help FCAS with the costs, along with Sweet Clover Bakery, also in Kingfield, donating a portion of their proceeds to Deeda and her care.

Deeda is now making strides in her recovery and her coat has been making significant improvements.

For anyone interested in adopting or donating to the FCAS, please contact them at [207] 778-2638 or visit their website at

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