WATERVILLE — Two youths were charged Saturday with terrorizing after they emailed a threat of violence to many students and staff of Waterville Public Schools, according to police.

Interim police Chief Bill Bonney said Saturday afternoon in a news release that late Friday, police became aware of the threat and quickly determined the student who was assigned to the email account in question did not send the message containing the threat.

School officials and police Officer Jake Whitley investigated the case throughout the night and determined the location from where the messages were sent, according to Bonney.

Further investigation led to the identification of two juveniles from Waterville who were then charged with terrorizing, a Class D crime, Bonney said. He praised the quick and efficient teamwork of all those involved in the investigation.

“Resolving these cases quickly is critically important as there is nothing more vital than the safety of our schools and children,” he said.

Assistant Schools Superintendent Peter Hallen, who will take over as superintendent July 1, thanked people for their patience and understanding. He also thanked police and the schools’ technology department for working to resolve the matter quickly.


“Students, the single most important things you can do to help us keep the school safe is to let someone know, a parent, a teacher, or a police officer, if you see or hear something concerning,” Hallen said. “Threats of any kind will be taken seriously, so please let us know if and when that kind of behavior is happening.”

Contacted Saturday, Bonney said the youths were summoned, not arrested. Asked what happens now, he said the youths will have a court date but they will see the juvenile community corrections officer first.

Asked if he could say anything more specific about the threat, Bonney responded: “It was a direct threat against the school but I don’t want to comment on the evidence.”

Also contacted Saturday to ask if the youths have or will be disciplined, Hallen said the Waterville Public Schools administrative team plans to meet Thursday to discuss a plan for reopening schools that will include supports for students, families and staff. School vacation starts on Monday.

“I can’t comment on specific discipline measures,” Hallen said. “But we approach each situation with a balance of accountability and empathy, always prioritizing safety.”

Bonney said it is very important for anyone who identifies a threat to the safety of children to immediately report it so it can be investigated.

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