The winners of this year’s Thomas Cup were “The Fellas” from Poland Regional High School. From left are Isaac Young, Parker Demelia, Joseph Elliot, Samuel Tjalsma and Benjamin Cushman. Thomas College photo

High school students from across the state gathered for an overnight information technology and innovation competition, the Thomas Cup, the weekend of March 31-April 1 at Thomas College in Waterville.

The winners of this year’s event were “The Fellas,” composed of Parker Demelia, Samuel Tjalsma, Ben Cushman, Joseph Elliott and Isaac Young from Poland Regional High School.

Each member of the winning team receives $10,000 scholarships to Thomas College. Second place winners earn $8,000 in scholarships, and the third place team wins $6,000.

The second place team, “The Bruhzerkers,” has students from Greely High School in Cumberland and Cheverus High School in Portland, including Brody Gifford, Quinn Richter, Liam Gordon, Corbin Richter and Drew Flanders.

The third place team — “Stud Muffins” from Forest Hills High School in Jackman — includes Hiram Logston, Owen Lacasse, Jayden Feliberty, Mason Desjardins and Braidan Welch.

The Thomas Cup is a free event for Maine high schoolers. Teams of five students compete in science, technology, engineering and innovation competitions for the chance to win their names on the Thomas Cup and receive scholarships to Thomas College worth up to $10,000 over four years.


Competition areas include cyber defense, e-sports, computer science and crime scene analysis.

The event is sponsored by Central Maine Power.

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