Mid-Maine Technical Celebrities are, from left, Thomas Tracy and Haley Dunn.

WATERVILLE — Not all high school students are prepared to administer CPR, use an AED or be part of a team of first responders, but this is where Thomas Tracy of Oakland, a senior in his second year of the emergency services program at Mid-Maine Technical Center stands out.

Tracy spent his first year mastering the basic emergency medical technician curriculum and enrolled in firefighting for his second year. Surrounded by medical terminology from Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) to Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS), Tracy speaks a whole new language. It is through this proficiency that he found the EMT career path a good fit, according to a news release from Kalyn Black, workforce development coordinator at the center.

Thomas Tracy Photo by August Shorey, MMTC Mass Media student, class of 2023; and Davanee Reny, MMTC Mass Media student, class of 2024

Tracy’s experience in his EMT class also helped pave the way to an internship at Delta Ambulance in Waterville. In addition to his responsibilities as a full-time high school student, once a week before dawn Tracy rides along with Nathaniel Lombardi, advanced EMT at Delta Ambulance for a 12-hour shift.

Lombardi reports that Tracy, after three months, has grown substantially and continues to enhance his medical, decision-making and leadership skills.

“Tom is highly motivated and a quick learner, whether applied in the field or in training scenarios he has made great progress and will, without a doubt, make an excellent addition to any EMS or Fire-based agency; but it is his attitude, drive, and dedication to excellence which will carry him far in life wherever he wishes to go,” Lombardi said.

Tracy admits, “Going into this internship, I had never seen the back of an ambulance before. I knew how to take vitals and basic assessments, however applying those skills to real-life patients was much different compared to doing it on a mannequin.”


Now, after a semester of ride-alongs Tracy notes, “I would say that I’ve developed as a provider and have more confidence in my abilities.”

Tracy, who attends Messalonskee High School, plans on attending Kennebec Valley Community College and pursuing a degree in paramedicine and then transferring to a four-year college. He offers this advice to any other student interested in a career in the field, “Ask questions and take a deep breath before every call.”

Haley Dunn of Waterville, a senior in her third year at Mid-Maine Technical Center in the Early Childhood Education program, plans to make a difference with the littlest learners.

Dunn can be found at MMTC interacting with the children in the early childhood program’s preschool planning sensory activities and science-based units to keep the students engaged. Turning popsicle sticks, rice and colored shaving cream into unique ways for her students to explore their senses in the world around them.

Dunn has spent just as much time working to learn the theories in early childhood development to ensure her creative lesson planning will effectively meet the needs of her young pupils. She takes pride in seeing their smiles as they learn new things.

Dunn’s experiential learning at MMTC helped direct her post-secondary education plans to pursue a degree in elementary education. The courses cemented her commitment to making a difference in young people’s lives through teaching.


In addition to her studies at MMTC, Dunn spent six weeks at Winslow Elementary School, working with teacher Jessica Prentiss’ special education class. Learning alongside Prentiss gave Dunn hands-on experience tackling a new age group.

Prentiss appreciated Dunn’s calm, welcoming demeanor in the classroom: “Throughout those six weeks, I watched her make connections with my students, be extremely patient with them and help guide them with their struggles in learning their academics and life skills. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in life.”

Haley Dunn Photo by August Shorey, MMTC Mass Media student, class of 2023; and Davanee Reny, MMTC Mass Media student, class of 2024

Dunn, who attends Waterville Senior High School, spends her time away from school playing sports, working and is active in Girl Scouts. When asked what advice she would offer to others interested in the field, Dunn offered, “Follow what your heart is telling you. Put your passion into your teaching, it matters.”

Mid-Maine Technical Center, established in 1966, serves students from Lawrence High School, Messalonskee High School, Waterville Senior High School, Winslow High School, Temple Academy, Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, and home-schooled students in the area.



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