NORTH ANSON — Carrabec Community School has announced its third quarter honor roll for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Grades 3-5

All A’s — High honors: Brooke Atwood, Keegan Caparotta and Brevyn Mattingly.

A’s & B’s — Honors: Sharana Adkins, Alice Bartno, Wendy Brewster, Dorne Brunton, Noah Caldwell, Zander Carpenter, Kolby Day, Tripp Denis, Shaine Drever, Alan Edes, Rhea Frebert, Adrian Hernandez and Madeline Holloway.

Also, Jazlynn Laney, Isaiah Libby, Luke Lightbody, Leah Miller, John Robertson, Ellie Smith and Lauryn Tucker.

Grades 6-8


All A’s — High honors: Bradley Allen, Chandler Atwood, Maxxwell Caplin, Ivan Chapman, Ashlyn Courtney, Katelyn DeLeonardis, Kaitlin Dellarma, David Dixon, Lydia Dixon and Lane Frost.

Also, Leeyah Nelson, Hunter Pouliot, Isabelle Richard, Jillian Robinson, Sesha Rothert, Austin Sales, Nathaniel Shamaly, Brooklyn Siconio and Ava Welch.

A’s and B’s — Honors: Jayda Abbott, Wesley Barton, Cahlilah Bassett, Lucy Benedict, Michael Berube, Daymien Bradstreet, Mary Brewster, Elizabeth Clausen, Paul Craig, Eleanor Dahms, Alexander Davis and Rylie Deuble.

Also, Kaylee Emery, Sheana Folco, Cicelia Foreman, Karley Gordon, Nicholas Greene, Nathan Harrington, Alexis Hartley, Ehren Hill, Jedidiah Keen and Logan Knox.

Also, Adawna Landry, Nicolas Lester, Lexie Libby, Noah Lightbody, Alexandria McDonough, Johnathan McLaughlin, Theodore Mihos, Tyce Miller, Ava Oakes Myers, Hayden Neal and Sarah-Beth Newell.

Also, Leah Price, Spencer Rogers, Justin Sales, Katie Scalese, Kendell Scheve, Kaylee Schinzel, Olivia Scholz, Jesse Schwenker, Parker Swihart, Emma Way, Jonathan White and Madison Wyman.



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