Jeffrey Lipton working in his Litchfield studio. Submitted photo

The 11th annual Maine Pottery Tour welcomes visitors on Saturday, May 6, and Sunday, May 7. The self-guided Tour is an opportunity to enjoy spring in Vacationland and the hospitality of local potters in their studios.

This year 66 pottery studios around the state will be participating. They are organized into six regions, allowing several studios to be visited in a single outing. Fourteen of these studios will have guest artists with them, so there’s even more to enjoy.

The weekend is a chance to meet the artists, peek in the kilns, see demonstrations, and shop for pottery and other handmade goods.

The goal of the tour is to make people aware of the potters in the state and to cultivate an appreciation and affection for handmade pots. Because of the tour, eating, drinking, and serving from one-of-a-kind plates, mugs, bowls, pitchers, platters and casseroles has become standard practice for large numbers of people. Once you drink morning coffee from a handmade mug, a production cup feels lackluster.

Interactive maps of each region are available online at


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