Please seriously consider and think critically and responsibly about these words: life, family, basic biology, common sense and accountability. Again, life, family, basic biology, common sense and accountability.

Because I have a little Maine farmer in my blood, I use this analogy: A farmer and his family depend on their animals and care for them — just like our society, our governor and our legislature are supposed to with us.

Back on the farm, we loved our animals, but if we didn’t do our chores and harmed them in any way, we kids would be made accountable to our father, Farmer Brown. As a young boy I learned about the biology and miracle of birth watching a calf being born. Dad, of course, knew our cow was pregnant and the birth would take place in God’s time, not ours. Dad didn’t think in terms of the calf’s life inside the womb; it just was, and the baby cow would be born, no matter when. Yes, we would be inconvenienced but we would also be blessed with new life.

It would have made absolutely no sense if somebody killed that calf in the womb, that viable, blood/heart pumping, moving, beautiful calf. If someone had, well, there’d be hell to pay because the unborn calf had great value and would be contributing to our life. That death would have had great impact on us.

Friends, you will find accountability, if not in this life, certainly in the next. We are not calves. We are more than that. We are human souls.

If you want to kill somebody, kill the bill in the Legislature that will expand abortion instead.


Randy Brown


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