Artist Josef Keller Submitted photo

A collection of paintings and sculptures featuring the work of artist Josef Keller will be on display through Friday, June 9, at The Goldberg Gallery at Fryeburg Academy.

Keller, who lives in Brownfield, has over 30 years of experience creating dynamic, bold 2D and 3D art. His work is inspired by science fiction, steampunk, and mixed metals. He paints in a detailed, realistic style, experiments with visual abstraction, and is equally comfortable painting with an airbrush on paper and canvas as he is on motorcycles and cars.

“I have been a fan of Jules Verne, especially the Nautilus from the Disney movie ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,’ ever since I first saw it in 1955,” says Keller. “I’ve re-read the novel numerous times and collected assorted books and photos. I tried, unsuccessfully, to build a model of the Nautilus while I was in high school and later as an adult. I finally made one in 2009 from a thin plywood frame, balsa wood skin, and hundreds of straight pins for rivets. I have since constructed ten different versions of this submarine using the balsa wood technique and repurposed objects that fit.”

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