As a family member of someone who used to use drugs, you know they will only stop when they are ready. Until they do, you want them to be safe. Harm Reduction Health Centers use evidence-based methods to prevent overdoses and are prepared in case of emergencies. All of the centers provide additional support by recovery specialists, so when people make the choice to choose recovery, they will have the help they need.

The important thing is we need to keep people alive until such time as they choose recovery. It is past time that Maine stands by its motto, “Dirigo (I lead)” and be among the leaders in the U.S. to implement evidence-based drug policy.

Harm Reduction Health Centers are an essential service in the fight to keep our loved ones alive. Call your representative and ask them to vote in favor of L.D. 1159 to keep our loved ones from being overdose statistics.

Jessica Loscocco


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