Monday, May 1, was a historic day in Maine. A record-breaking crowd stood in long lines to enter the State House, eager to voice strong opposition to L.D. 1619, a bill that would allow abortion in the third trimester.

Michaela Gladu of Orrington was one of hundreds of opponents who weighed in May 1 on Gov. Mills’ proposal to make Maine’s abortion law one of the least restrictive in the nation. Ben McCanna/Staff Photographer

Those against L.D. 1619 vastly outnumbered those who supported the bill. Only 65 people spoke face-to-face in favor of L.D. 1619, compared to 650 who spoke against. It was an all-night marathon, in which some opponents of the bill waited until 7:30 a.m. Tuesday to testify before the Judiciary Committee for only one minute.

Voters spoke loud and clear against the bill. Will legislators listen? Will it be politics as usual at the State House? Please contact our Maine legislators and ask them to vote against L.D. 1619.

Kathryn Swegart

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