“Lawmakers clash over gun bills”. So reads the Morning Sentinel May 18 headline. Basically, two very different solutions for the gun problem.

First, let me ask a question. How would you like the fire department to show up at your burning house with a flamethrower instead of a hose and water? That is very like suggesting we bring more guns in a school. And how do some plan to do that? By bringing in more armed SROs (school resource officers) and passing loaded guns to school teachers. Just what you need at a fire: more fire.

We are telling everyone, including impressive young students, that we solve all our problems with a gun. Of course, now we encourage anyone with a beef or an axe to grind to bring a gun into a school, theater, mall, parade or some other crowded event and solve their conflict with a firearm. They use it to facilitate what they perceive as a solution. That is, to shoot anything they disagree with.

When that happens, who shall we hold accountable for that mass shooting?


Peter P. Sirois 


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