While I believe everyone has right to their view on abortion, I do not believe they have a right to force their view on anyone else. No one has the right to tell me what to do with my body. Only I know my body and my circumstances. Abortion decisions are personal and private and should be between a woman and her health care provider. No law can ever take into consideration the unique circumstances that would lead an individual to make this often very difficult decision.

A bill before the Maine Legislature, L.D. 1619, would allow abortions and decriminalize abortion care past the current 24-week limit in Maine. Only 1% of all abortions nationwide take place after 24 weeks. These are heart-wrenching decisions because of fetal anomalies or other serious circumstances.

Currently, Maine women must leave the state, leave their support system, and pay enormous cost to get this medical care — if they are able. That is unconscionable.

Pregnancy normally lasts for 39 weeks, so why is it that health care providers are prohibited from offering complete pregnancy care, including abortion, throughout this time? Providers should be allowed to give appropriate, necessary care without fear of prosecution.

Some opposed to this bill deliberately raise a false picture of a woman demanding an abortion up until the due date. Ridiculous! As one doctor at the public hearing stated, that just would not happen. It is not happening in states where post viability abortions are available, and it would not happen here.

To hear from women who have experienced abortion, and to learn more about this bill and other pro-choice bills, go to the website of Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights.


Please let your legislators know that you support L.D. 1619.


Christina Rusnov


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