Hallowell won big with L.D. 230 being signed into law. The bill allows the sale of Maine National Guard land that is within the Hallowell Recreation Area, “the Res,” to the City of Hallowell. This will allow this parcel of land to be managed in harmony with the rest of the Res area and it will be protected in perpetuity. The acquisition of this parcel will also provide trail users from Hallowell, Manchester, and beyond, contiguous open space for enjoyment and recreation.

This success was the result of many folks with common interests working together. Credit goes to Rep. Dan Shagoury and Sen. Craig Hickman for their hard work and skill in moving L.D. 230 through the legislative process. We are lucky to have such engaged and tireless advocates working for all of us in the Legislature. The Maine Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Emergency Management also played a significant role in bringing a land deal beneficial to all over the finish line. The Hallowell Conservation Commission and City Manager Gary Lamb also added their insights and hard work to the effort.

My thanks to all who helped with this conservation and recreation success that will benefit current and future residents and visitors in Hallowell, Manchester, and the region.

George Lapointe

Mayor of Hallowell

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