WindowDressers volunteer teams in Winthrop, Manchester and Hallowell are accepting orders for the fall community build season.

WindowDressers, a nonprofit organization, provides insulating window inserts that fit inside a home’s existing windows, to let in all the sunlight and views while keeping more heat inside the home. The inserts are high quality and low cost because they are built at barn-raising-style community builds across Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Everyone who orders inserts also participates in the build, according to a news release from Hilary Neckles with WindowDressers.

The Winthrop build, sponsored by Winthrop Area Rotary Club, is set for Oct. 27-Nov. 1 at Winthrop Middle School, 400 Rambler Road in Winthrop. The Manchester-Hallowell build, sponsored by Manchester Conservation Commission and Hallowell Conservation Commission in partnership with Capital Area New Mainers Project, will take place Nov. 3-8 at the Hallowell Multicultural Center, 20 Union St. in Hallowell.

The inserts are built of attractive pine frames and wrapped drum-tight with two layers of durable plastic film. These layers create an insulating air space while letting in all the light and views. Foam weather-stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and ensures the insert’s snug fit. Depending on the efficiency of one’s windows and home, an owner could see fuel savings of up to 20% with inserts in place.

Once signed up, trained volunteers will schedule a time to measure windows for the custom-built inserts. Then, the owner and other community volunteers will gather to build the inserts at the community build nearest their home.

For people who are experiencing financial hardship, WindowDressers offers up to 10 inserts per year for no cost. For middle and high income homes and businesses, the price is a fraction of the cost of similar commercial products. Pricing is based on the exact size of the insert to cover the cost of materials. A medium-sized 30-inch by 52-inch insert in pine costs $48.50 plus tax.

The deadline for having windows measured is around Sept. 30, so interested households in any community should sign up at or call 207-596-3073. Orders will be assigned to the Winthrop or Manchester-Hallowell build or to a build closer to one’s home.


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