Jake Warn is shown last week in the coworking space provided by Dirigo Labs at the Hathaway Creative Center in Waterville. Warn was one of 12 entrepreneurs who earlier this year participated in a program offered by Dirigo Labs that helps them launch or scale their business venture. Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel

As a kid who frequently went snowmobiling with friends in Winslow and far more remote areas of the state, Jake Warn found it difficult to relay trip information to his parents.

Sharing those details with others can be important considering Maine has about 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails and riders can easily become lost or stranded deep in the woods.

“There was just a lot of issues in finding information and getting that information into people’s hands,” said Warn, 23. “All the clubs and snowmobiling groups were concerned about passing along trail information.” 

An avid outdoorsman and a curious entrepreneur, Warn recognized the need for an accurate, comprehensive trail map that is accessible online. So he’s spent the last few years mapping over 100 trails that are available to the public for free through SledTRX, his snowmobile mapping business found at sledtrx.com. Warn is a Winslow native who began SledTRX in 2021 after graduating from Thomas College.

While lots of snowmobilers still prefer to hold onto paper maps, SledTRX has many resources for riders, one of the main ones being up-to-date trail mapping in the state. The website allows snowmobilers to view miles of trails and plan out a ride, incorporating rest stops at nearby restaurants or businesses. 

Approximately 94% of Maine’s forests are privately owned, making it a challenge for Warn to map certain trails. In order to scope out and advertise trails on his website, he needs permission from landowners first. For that reason, Warn partners with several snowmobiling clubs around the state that help him attain that information. 


While the mapping service has evolved, the mission of SledTRX continues to be about communicating trail information, particularly in remote areas. Unlike paper maps, SledTRX keeps up to date with some unforeseen trail information, such as hazards and damage due to weather conditions.  

Earlier this year he partnered with Waterville-based Dirigo Labs, which aids startup companies and entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. He was one of 12 entrepreneurs who made up last spring’s class at Dirigo Labs. 

This image was taken from the website sledtrx.com, which was developed by Winslow native Jake Warn as a resource for snowmobilers planning trips along the thousands of miles of trails the state offers.

“Jake is exactly that kind of entrepreneur that has that product, and nobody can really do what he’s doing because he’s so passionate about what he’s doing,” said Sabrina Jandreau, development coordinator at Dirigo Labs. “I think he’s going to be successful with it because he loves what he does.”

Entrepreneurs from across the state are selected to take part in Dirigo’s 16-week program. They learn how to scale their business or startup with the help of mentors and others who offer guidance. They also get access to Dirigo’s coworking space in Waterville. 

Dirigo Labs has four full-time staff members who facilitate two cohorts annually, each comprising around a dozen businesses.

“As far as our team, we split the companies among ourselves, so each of us has three or four companies that are our responsibility,” said Emalee Couture, the program manager. “It ends up being a little more manageable that way, but it is a lot for a small team.”


Dirigo Labs partners with around 100 mentors who serve as advisors and share their expertise. 

Warn was in his third year of running SledTRX when he began working with Dirigo Labs. At the time, his focus was pushing SledTRX to a mobile service, in the form of an app, and that effort continues.

“I wasn’t really sure how to connect all the dots,” Warn said. “After a couple of conversations, they really showed me all the resources that they had around here. They got the ball rolling a little faster.” 

Warn has two others who are part of his team, one person who’s a project manager and the other a project developer.

Susan Ruhlin, who has spent the bulk of her career working with startups, is the managing director of Dirigo Labs where she secures strategic partnerships and works on program development.

“Jake is extremely coachable and will follow up on every single thing,” Ruhlin said. “I really admire that about him.” 


When he’s not working on his business, Warn works full time at a hardware store in Waterville. After busy work shifts, Warn finds himself devoting nights to SledTRX (the TRX is a reference to tracks, specifically snowmobile tracks). He often finds himself squeezing in business meetings during his lunch break.

“Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t like meeting after 5 (p.m.),” he joked. 

As SledTRX enters its fourth year, Warn hopes to expand his trail mapping to neighboring states, particularly New Hampshire and Vermont. He also aims to increase the mapping of areas surrounding Baxter State Park.

“I’ve still got a lot to learn,” he said. “Which is certainly not a bad thing. Because part of me also really enjoys that.”

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