FARMINGTON — School officials said there was no evidence of a threat to students or staff after a student found a single bullet in a bathroom at Mt. Blue High School on Thursday prior to school starting.

“I am satisfied with the joint investigation by School Administration  and School Resource Officer Matthew Brann,” Farmington Police Chief Kenneth Charles wrote in an email. “I am thankful for this type of daily collaboration between (Regional School Unit) 9 and our Police Department to ensure prompt investigation, analysis of information, and prompt decision making in the interest of safety in our schools.”

In information sent to parents, Principal Joel Smith said, “We will continue to investigate and monitor this situation and will look to see if there are ways to increase staff bathroom checks within our school. If your child shares any information about this situation or any other concerns about student safety, contact us immediately. Thank you!”

According to Smith, right before school started, a student found a single bullet in a hard-to-see place in one of the school’s bathrooms.

“The student reported it to our (school resource officer) Matt Brann, and the administration was immediately notified,” Smith said. “We immediately began investigating, looked at the location where it was found, questioned the student who shared the info with us and looked at the available school camera video. Reviewing the video from outside the bathroom, we did not find any suspicious activity, but did interview some other students who might have had information. As is our process, we contacted the parents of all students interviewed. Lastly, we reviewed social media to see if there were any concerns we hadn’t seen or heard about and found nothing.”

Superintendent Christian Elkington wrote in an email that she, high school administration and Farmington Police worked together to make sure the staff and students were safe and determine how to proceed. She said district students and staff are fortunate that school administration has a close, professional relationship, which is made stronger through Brann.

Parents with questions may contact Smith at the school at 207- 778-3561 or at

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