It’s set up to be a better year than last for leaf peepers in northern New England.

Remember the severe drought we had last summer that led into the beginning of fall? Experts say that muted the fall colors for Maine and surrounding northern New England states.

But this year, after the trees withstood Hurricane Lee, we are about to reap the benefits of wonderful fall colors. The forecast calls for dry weather for the next 10 days, and that, along with the record-setting summer rainfall, will help.


We can’t talk about fall without talking about the Autumnal Equinox first. That happened at 2:50 Saturday morning, while you were sleeping. The sun’s rays were directly over the equator, and Saturday was a day near-equal daylight and night.

Planning a trip for peak colors is simple. Start in the western and northern mountains in late September. Head down south from the North Woods into the foothills and all the way Down East by early October. Cruise up and down Route 1 and the coastline in mid- to late October for the most vibrant colors near the water.


As of the current foliage report, only the North Woods and part of the County are seeing low color and low leaf drop.

You’ll have to head north into the mountains to see colors and leaves dropping at this point.

But that’s about to change with a special stretch of weather coming up to the end of September. After record-setting rainfall and a glancing blow from Lee, we could have lost a lot of leaves, but the trees held their ground. It’s great news, with more than one week of perfect fall weather coming.

If you’ve got snow on your mind, I can tell you that we still have several weeks before the average first inch of snow arrives. So, get out to the pumpkin patches and do some apple picking while you still can.

Break out your fleeces, sweaters and light jackets, but keep the umbrellas at home for a change. No rain is expected for at least a week.

As we turn the page into October, a loss of 21 minutes of daylight is coming this week. Enjoy the beginning of fall!

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