AUGUSTA — Old Fort Western’s second annual Tavern Night is set for 5-9 p.m. Saturday, Oct 14 at the S & W Howard Store & Tavern, 16 Cony St.

The ticketed event costs $50 per person $75 per couple. Each person will receive one shilling and 12 pence to purchase a drink and participate in period games of chance, including dice, cards, and board games, according to a news release from Linda Novak with the fort.

S & W Howard Store & Tavern Tankards are available for purchase. These tankards are handmade by Sprinkle Pottery in Texas and reflect archaeological examples in the Fort Western Archaeological Collection.

Any guest not following the Tavern Rules will be placed in the pillory. Coins can also be used to pay to place other guests in the pillory, and those placed in the pillory can pay the fine to be released. Winners of the games will put their names in prize baskets to be drawn at 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Entertainment will be provided by The Holdfast and the Crow’s Nest Celtic Band. A light repast of cheese, bread, sweetmeats and seasonal fruits will be served.

The S & W Howard Store was in operation from 1767 to 1807. The store sold goods, predominately through bartering, to the local settlers. Five account books survive, the pages of which contain a wealth of information about the settlers, the growth of economic activity in the area, and the burgeoning political center of Augusta. The value of products purchased is listed against the goods bartered. Looking through the pages of these books, it is apparent that the store was also the early Hallowell town meeting hall, tavern and bank.

For more information, visit, call 207-626-2385, or find it on Facebook.


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