WINTHROP — The Winthrop Public Schools and most other schools across central Maine plan to reopen Monday and offer services to help students process the mass shootings last week in Lewiston, according to officials.

The tragedy affected the Winthrop community directly with the deaths of Winthrop High School student Aaron Young, 14, his father, Bill Young, 43, and an uncle of a student. The uncle’s identity could not be confirmed Sunday afternoon.

The Winthrop schools are scheduled to open Monday for the first time since Wednesday, when Robert Card, 40, killed 18 people in Maine’s deadliest shooting.

A Maine State Police tactical team discovered Card’s body Friday night near the sliding door of an unlocked trailer full of scrap plastic and metal at a recycling business in Lisbon. Police said Card had died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jim Hodgkin, the superintendent of the Winthrop Public Schools, wrote on the schools’ website that he had met with the district’s guidance counselors, social workers and principals on how to move forward. 

The district has opted to have a two-hour delay Monday morning to allow time to meet with staff members to discuss ways to process the event with students through counseling services and community resources. 


“I met with the district’s principals, guidance counselors and social workers today (Friday) to discuss how we plan for the return of students; how we identify resources for the students, staff and parents; and what is a realistic way to prepare for all of this before we reconvince school,” Hodgkin wrote. 

Regional School Unit 38, based in Readfield, is taking the same approach and has scheduled a two-hour delay for Monday. 

Regional School Unit 2, which serves Dresden and Monmouth, plans to have police at schools Monday.

“Despite the trauma our community has endured, getting students back to their regular learning routine is an essential step in the process,” RSU 38 Superintendent Jay Charette wrote. 

Many school districts and the Maine Department of Education are offering resources for families, with the state DOE suggesting ways to speak with each children at each grade level. Experts have recommended reassuring students they are safe and have people with whom they can speak.

Officials with the Augusta School Department have reassured the community that student and staff member safety are a top priority. When students return to school Monday, schools will have an increased police presence. Students are also expected to remain indoors for activities and be offered counseling services.


Hodgkin wrote on the Winthrop Public Schools website that the deaths in Lewiston are a “tragedy for our area, students and everyone.”

“My heart is broken by this and I implore you all to be patient with everyone through this process,” he wrote. “This is going to be a long process that will take a long time.”

The Lewiston Public Schools will remain closed Monday. Classes are scheduled to resume classes Tuesday, with light instruction. Superintendent Jake Langlais said the school district will take instruction on a week-by-week basis and ease students into learning. Counseling services are also planned.

Poland Regional High School will also be closed Monday, with the school open from noon to 2 p.m. for students and families. Hot meals will be available, and counselors will be on-site for students. The school’s regular class schedule is to resume Tuesday.

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