People aren’t happy with the tax increases since the re-evaluation in Winslow. COVID shutdowns drove up construction costs which in turn drove up real estate prices across the country. The re-evaluation should have been done five years ago but wasn’t. Had this been postponed further it would have resulted in several million dollars lost in state revenue sharing.

Previous councils have allowed our fund balance to get dangerously low having a negative effect on our credit rating. We had slipped to a B+ rating from triple A. This council has brought our rating back to triple A over three years.

Major upgrades at Chaffee Brook pump station and multiple sewer line replacements in town will require bonding. The improved credit rating will minimize our interest rate keep future taxes in check.

Drapeau and Gravel have made tough decisions to get the town back on good financial footing. They deserve re-election!


Michael L. Loubier


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