“To Lewiston, With Love” Submitted photo; Background photo courtesy of Nick Charde, Bates College Class of ’22

Love takes on many forms and expressions, from simple acts of kindness to unsettling and oftentimes unresolved feelings of anger, grief and sorrow. In response to the recent mass shooting in Lewiston and as we work together as a community towards collective healing, LA Arts – the arts agency for the Cities of Lewiston and Auburn – is opening this call to individuals and organizations at the local, state and national level to express your thoughts in the form of a postcard. All entries, barring those that break guidelines or are inappropriate, will be exhibited in LA Arts gallery beginning Friday, Nov. 17, and be on display through Friday, Jan. 19.

We call upon all mothers, fathers, and children; teachers and their students at all levels; artists, whether novice or seasoned; wordsmiths; dreamers, thinkers, feelers and doers of all ages and backgrounds. Share your hopes and your fears, your remembrances and your well-wishes.

These postcards can be addressed directly to the victims and/or their families, the immediate community of Lewiston impacted by the tragedy, or more broadly address growing concerns over the horrific frequency of gun violence across the nation.

Paint or draw a picture. Send a photograph. Write a poem. One word can be as powerful as one hundred. One image as impactful as a montage or collage. You do not need to be an artist, only a human expressing your humanity.

Whether political or personal, specific to this tragedy or hauntingly reminiscent of your own experiences – we want to hear from you. Be Honest. Share your pain for this tragic world, your inspiration for a better one, and your impassioned calls to action. Share your love for Lewiston if you know and love this city, or your heartfelt sympathies if you’ve never even been here.

Submitted image

Blank postcards and materials will be available in our gallery through the duration of the exhibit for visitors to use to make a submission.


Please mail submissions to: To Lewiston, with Love/Attn: LA Arts/PO Box 3753/Auburn, Maine 04212

The only limitation is that your contribution be submitted as a standard 3×5, 4×6 or 5×7 postcard. Expressions can be raw, but must be civil and respectful. Each day as new postcards arrive, we will place them in the gallery with the others for the public to view.

All postcards after the exhibition ends will be permanently archived in our local community museum within Maine MILL’s “One Lewiston” Community archive. More info on Maine MILL‘s cultural archiving initiative can be found at mainemill.org/archiving-and-memorial-project.

Since 1973, LA Arts, the arts agency for the cities of Lewiston and Auburn Maine, has pursued a mission to engage and inspire a vibrant community through arts and culture. The agency works with governments, businesses, schools and local arts and cultural organizations to create opportunities for community members across the generations to experience, learn, and participate in the arts. LA Arts organizes arts programs and initiatives, supports the work of local artists and arts organizations, and highlights the essential role the arts play in shaping an economically vital, socially integrated, and forward-looking future for its community. Learn more at www.laarts.org. Located at 168 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, the LA Arts Gallery presents six exhibitions throughout the year that reflect and honor the Twin Cities community. Exhibiting artists generally have ties to LA or to Maine. With each show, LA Arts aims to bring individuals and groups together to strengthen our community through shared experiences and deeper cultural understanding. Fall Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 12-6 p.m. as well as by appointment.

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