A Skowhegan man who allegedly ran over a woman in Bingham with his vehicle early Saturday turned himself in to authorities later the same day after a Somerset County Sheriff’s deputy convinced him to do so.

Ryan Paul Mann, 43, was charged with aggravated assault, a Class B offense, and driving to endanger, a Class C offense, according to Somerset County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Michael Mitchell.

Deputy Jeffrey Brann, who responded to the incident, was off duty later Saturday when he communicated with Brann and talked him into turning himself in at the Somerset County Jail in Madison, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said Sunday the victim was taken from Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan, where she had been taken by ambulance, to a Portland hospital, where she was being treated for severe injuries.

“According to Jeffrey Brann, she has four different fractures in her pelvis, and she got a laceration on her hand that required stitches,” Mitchell said. “I think she’s got a long road to recovery.”

The Sheriff’s Office announced Saturday that Mann was being sought as a person of interest in the incident, which reportedly occurred between 3:30 and 4 a.m. on Tyler Avenue in Bingham. Mitchell said Brann was called to the scene at about 4:30 a.m.


Mann had reportedly driven to Bingham earlier, after having an argument with his girlfriend in Skowhegan, and went to visit friends — a man and woman who live on Tyler Avenue. The couple had gone to bed and awoke to find Mann extremely intoxicated and urinating on their furniture, according to Mitchell.

Mann got into his vehicle to leave, and the woman tried to convince him not to drive because he was intoxicated, Mitchell said. She had the passenger door of the vehicle open when Mann put the vehicle into reverse and she became trapped, was knocked to the ground and the vehicle’s front passenger tire drove over her, Mitchell said.

The couple called Mann’s girlfriend in Skowhegan, who called police, and the Bingham woman who was injured and in much pain was taken by ambulance to Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said Sunday that Brann, the deputy, contacted Mann’s girlfriend Saturday in Skowhegan because he believed she and Mann would be communicating. Brann was off duty at the time.

“Sure enough, that happened and Jeffrey talked Mr. Mann into communicating with him by telephone,” Mitchell said. “They talked on the telephone about 6:30 (Saturday) night. He went to Somerset County Jail and turned himself in to Deputy Stacey Slate.”

Mann’s charges were elevated to felony-level offense because of the severe injuries to the victim, Mitchell said.


Mitchell added that Mann is on a probation hold for an unrelated crime, so he will not be released on the $10,000 cash bail set for him, unless a judge decides otherwise.

Mann spoke with his probation officer before turning himself in Saturday, according to Mitchell, who said Mann will likely go before a judge Monday.

Meanwhile, Mann is scheduled to appear Jan. 3 at Skowhegan District Court, Mitchell said.



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