Maine Chapter of American Mothers Inc. nominees, top from left, are Jacqueline Doucette, Jennifer Fortin, Melinda Jorgensen, Karen Kelley-Grenier and Rachel Lachance Kilbride. Bottom from left are Lorana Laliberte, Kimberly Jo Matthews, Carmela Patriotti Hardy, Tamra Pierce and Sherry Sullivan.

The Maine Chapter of American Mothers Inc. has named 10 Maine mothers, from all walks of life, nominated from throughout the state by family members, friends and colleagues to receive special honor and recognition, for their commitment and dedication to their families, homes, local communities and beyond.

This year’s nominees include Jacqueline Doucette of Sidney, Jennifer Fortin of Augusta, Melinda Jorgensen of Augusta, Karen Kelley-Grenier of Fairfield, Rachel Lachance Kilbride of North Vassalboro, Lorana Laliberte of Sidney, Kimberly Jo Matthews of Thomaston, Carmela Patriotti Hardy of Augusta, Tamra Pierce of Chelsea, and Sherry Sullivan of Chapman.

Each of these mothers have the opportunity to submit their portfolio, if they choose to move on to the next level. One of the mothers submitting a portfolio will be selected and honored as the 2024 Maine Mother of the Year and will represent Maine at the American Mothers Inc. National Convention, in Omaha, Nebraska, in April, where she will compete for National Mother of the Year.

American Mothers, which will announce all state winners in mid-January, is dedicated to preserving the moral and spiritual foundations of family and the home. It is an interfaith, non-political, nonprofit organization.

For more information, contact Lina Michaud, state president, at 207-485-4710 or

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