BENTON — The Board of Select Persons this week voted unanimously to reinstate a 20% property tax abatement for one of nine residents who has put up with a constant buzzing noise generated by a nearby Central Maine Power substation.

The board signaled a willingness to approve abatements for the other eight homeowners as well. The one approved Monday was for Melissa Patterson, who happens to be a member of the board. She had earlier petitioned the board to consider granting the abatement, and the other eight must formally request that their cases be heard as well.

The substation was built approximately 10 years ago and nearby residents soon after began complaining about the noise, which has been described as a constant humming that gets louder into the night.

It’s located just north of Albion Road, where the road intersects with Blaisdell Lane to the west and Patterson Road to the east.

The homeowners were each granted a tax reduction of 20% on their annual property tax bill not long after the substation was completed, but somehow the abatements were discontinued during the course of a townwide revaluation in 2021.

Patterson has said the residents have worked to get the abatements reinstated since that time.

The approval she received this week will allow Patterson and her husband to receive an abatement on bills for 2022, 2023 and 2024. They will need to reapply for the abatement after 2024.

“I am hopeful the select board will right the wrong that was done to the other residents who were also affected,” Patterson said in an email Thursday.

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