The circa 1868 Iron Fence Inn on Main Street in Readfield Corner will be included on the “Christmas Through the Ages” tour on Dec. 9. Submitted photo

The Readfield Historical Society and the Readfield Union Meeting House plan to host a “Christmas through the Ages” tour on Saturday, Dec. 9.

The two organizations have arranged for participants to visit several buildings where costumed guides will share information about six unique eras of Christmas. Period decorations, refreshments, and music will add atmosphere to the tour.

The guided tour will proceed in this order: 1) Moravian Christmas, 1700s at the historic Readfield Union Meeting House, 22 Church Road; 2) Colonial Christmas at the Readfield Community Library, 1131 Main St. (circa 1800 Dr. Samuel Currier house); 3) Victorian Christmas at 21 Old Kents Hill Road (circa 1846 Capt. Christopher Turner house); 4) World War II Christmas, 1940s at 1163 Main St. (circa 1868 Asa Gile, Esq. house); 5) Prosperity at Christmas, 1950s at the Iron Fence Inn, 1163 Main St.; and 6) Christmas Today at 1124 Main St. (circa 1910 Esther Wilson Huntoon house), where the homeowner’s tradition is to decorate his home every holiday season.

The locations are within walking distance in Readfield Corner. A guide will escort each group from one building to the next. Upon arrival, check in at the vestry adjacent to the Union Meeting House, 22 Church Road.

Each tour progresses at 20-minute intervals, lasting for about two and a half hours. The first group tour begins at 10 a.m. and the final of the seven groups begins at 12:15 p.m. Upon receipt of ticket orders, guests will be notified of their start time, which will be assigned based on what time slots are still available.

A hot lunch will be offered at the Union Meeting House vestry from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for an $8-per-person donation to benefit the ongoing work at the vestry. Reservations are not necessary for lunch. Tour proceeds will benefit both the Readfield Historical Society and Union Meeting House.

Tickets cost $15 and may be available at the check-in on the day of if there are still some available. There will be seven tours, each one limited to 12 participants.

To reserve tickets, call 412-779-4368 or email


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