An aerial view of the bridge, which MaineDOT plans to have replaced by the end of 2025. Submitted Photo

WILTON — The Maine Department of Transportation has announced the bridge on Pond Road going over Wilson Stream will be getting a replacement sometime in 2025. Project Manager Mark Parlin says the project is estimated to begin in the middle of 2025, roughly around June, and will hopefully be completed by November of that year.

“There may be some erosion and slope work in 2026 if needed,” Parlin told The Franklin Journal in a phone interview, “but we expect to be done by then.”

MaineDOT presented information on the project through an online on-demand public meeting, which provided information on the construction schedule as well as the cost and timeframe of the project. MaineDOT has been encouraging Wilton residents to share their thoughts on the project during a formal comment period which began on Wednesday, Jan. 3, and will close on Friday, Jan. 19.

A side view of the bridge on Pond Road that goes over Wilson Stream. MaineDOT stated the bridge was constructed in 1928, putting it at a ripe old age of 95 years old. Submitted Photo

“There may be a well nearby that we don’t anything about,” Parlin stated, giving an example of how the information may be beneficial to them.

MaineDOT was also scheduled to appear before the Wilton Board of Selectpersons on Tuesday, Jan. 16, but the meeting was canceled due to weather conditions.

According to the presentation, the bridge was built in 1928, which puts it at roughly 95 years old. The bridge, which features a 46 foot long single span steel girder with concrete decks on mass concrete abutments, had a life expectancy of roughly 75 years.


Parlin said the bridge was subjected to a state inspection every two years and stated the age and condition of the bridge were the deciding factors. Currently, the bridge’s deck and steel beams were rated in poor condition, the substructure is in serious condition, curb deterioration, and rail damage are some of the issues.

The replacement bridge will feature a 75 foot cast in place concrete deck on precast concrete NEXT beams, as well as corrosion resistant reinforcing steel in the deck, integral concrete wearing surface and jointless abutments, and a galvanized steel bridge rail.

The new bridge will also be wider by an additional four feet compared to the current bridge, going from 20 feet curb to curb to 24 feet.

MaineDOT will also be taking into consideration the environmental design of the bridge since the project will fall within the Foothills Land Conservancy, with appropriate efforts to minimize impact on the land conservancy made during development.

Furthermore, MaineDOT is also aware Wilson Stream is a critical habitat of the Atlantic Salman and measures to increase the existing span and minimize stream impacts were also considered during the design process. Minor adjustments to aerial utility lines will be needed to facilitate construction as well.

Leading up to the project, MaineDOT also gathered data to measure the level of impact the bridge will have on traffic during construction. MaineDOT estimates the average annual daily traffic to be roughly 360 vehicles with zero crashes in the last three years.


A view of the bridge on Pond Road. MaineDOT is planning on replacing it with a wider bridge, adding an additional four feet from curb to curb. Submitted Photo

During construction, MaineDOT will detour vehicles around Route 156 [Weld Road], Maine Street, Route 2 and Pond Road. They anticipate roughly an additional six minutes of travel time for drivers who use the bridge to go between Route 156 and Route 2.

Total cost for the project is estimated at $2,750,000, with the total broken down as follows:

• Preliminary engineering cost – $385,000

• Right of way cost – $15,000

• Construction cost – $2,100,000

• Construction engineering cost – $250,000

For more information on the project, contact Parlin at [207] 624-3449 or email You may also visit the on-demand formal public meeting, where residents can register or enter anonymously to view the presentation.

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