Would you buy a used car from Donald Trump?

If he was the owner of a stereotypical used car dealership he would be out of business, run out of town and probably jailed. After all his false claims (fraud), his grabbing of women (sexual assault), persecution of his competitors and general bullying he couldn’t get a job in a car wash.

So why would anyone have him as the president, when you probably wouldn’t want him in your home? Does his lack of morals not concern voters? Doesn’t his professed admiration of Putin, Kim Jong Un, and other dictators not warn you of his dangers? He does nothing out of duty; what he does is for self promotion and narcissism. He is a bully and wanna-be messiah.

And people buy this? What happened to common sense? Falling for a snake oil salesman again. Character should matter, and Trump’s lack of it should matter to you.


David Hendren


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