At a time when our right to bodily autonomy is under attack more than ever before, it is increasingly urgent that we protect access to essential health care.

Our right to make decisions for our own health, futures, and lives are on the line and Maine lawmakers have a duty to all Maine voters to let us make our voices heard on L.D. 780, a proposal to enshrine the right to reproductive autonomy in our state constitution.

We are lucky that a majority of lawmakers in our state have so far acted to protect and expand our rights to reproductive health care, but laws can change election to election and our right to reproductive autonomy should not be dependent on political winds.

I believe everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health care and how, when and if they decide to start a family. I also believe our lawmakers have a duty to pass L.D. 780 on to voters so we can all weigh in directly on this important issue.

I urge our lawmakers to vote to pass L.D. 780 and I urge my fellow voters to contact your lawmakers and express the same. Mainers should be able to decide the future of reproductive autonomy in our state.

Janine Graham


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