Gardiner Regional Middle School has announced the following students were named to its second term honor roll for the 2023-24 academic year.

Grade 6 — High honors: William Britt, Riley Antognoni, Evalyn Grover, Andrew Rogers and Gabriel Mitchell.

Honors: Alexander Deaton, Ria Learned, Calvin Whitehouse, Gretchen Collier, Henry Jensen, Ava Thornton, Lane Hahn, Ethan Merrill, Layla Maxim, Lilly-Anne Keyser, Brody Waltz, Joslyn Whited, Addison Tibbetts and Sean Champ.

Also, Lilly Beaudette, Petrecio Wilson, Timothy Campbell, Caleb Heward, Phoenix Meikle, Brayden Papa, Cora Pare, Isabella Kimberlin, Peyton Hodges, Alexandra Ponziani, Alyvia Greenleaf, Seamus Talbot and Gracie Ricker.

Also, Benjamin Rackliff, Killian Noyes, Kylie Pelletier, Olivia Ketner, Edith Overlock, Ella Pilkington, Alora Genovese, Nickolas Soiett, Ben Nichols, Zia Littlefield, Matthew Morin, Jacob Cooley, William Nowlin and Nova Berry.

Also, Ellie Rubashkin, Dominic Ward, Arlo Presterone, Cameron Rogers, Harper Farwell, Brody Prue, Carly Folsom and Emma Guilmette.


Grade 7 — High Honors: Karen Munzing, Audrey Gould, Annabel Garvan-Soto, Oliver Love, Annalise Reithofer, Grace Simpson, Gudrun Ziemer, Cora Anderson, Alexa Quintana, Alyvia Cleary, Delia Colfer and Luke Whalen.

Honors: Daniel Vanleeuwen, Payson Grant, Addison Soiett, Izabella Nagy, Isaac Newkirk, AlexiaOuellette, Elena Plourde, Taelyn Boothroyd, Kara Monaghan, Aedan Felvey, Avery Asfahl and Emerson Jean O’Donnell.

Also, Lillian Quinlivan, Abigail Hickey, Brody Richards, Alexis Dumeny, Carter Malloy, Lucas Foster, Leila Neilson, Benjamin Seed, Acazia Smiley, Boyd Thomas, Abigail Main, Nora Setchell, Christian Frazer and Alexander Russell.

Also, Anna Griffiths, Naurie Wing, Rocco Jordan, Steven Williams, Fiona Shea, Connor Berard, Ryleigh Gasperini, Ashley Ladd, Grant Parkin, Sophia Harbaugh, Aryanna Roberts-Roy, Aiden Reed and Christian Breton.

Also, Haylee Woodcock, Levi Moore, Amelia Luiz, Haylee Moeller, Emily Ladd, Cameron Richmond, Lexi Curtis, Tanner Pellerin and Jayden Geroux.

Grade 8 — High honors: Evy Kokmeyer, Mia Nowell, Zoey Epperson, Kallie Woodcock, Molly Takatsu, Wyatt Parkin, Kathleen Moore, Adela Ricker, Jaidyn Leavitt, Paige Ricker and Grayson Greenleaf.

Honors: Lillian Dore, Morgan Campbell, Landen Greenleaf, Elsie Peacock, Paige McGee, Isabella Stone, Madison Douglas, Isabel Pettengill, Tyson Brown, Leigha Monaghan, Ian Poulin, Issac Madore and Rheigan Smith.

Also, Zoey Leavitt, Abigail Stickney, Brayden Marrone, Rachel Grant, Joseph Goraj, Preston Hesketh, Mason Adams, Daniel Jamison, Lilly Moulton, Celena Matos, Elliot Colwell, Mya Ranks and Connor Riddle.


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