The Allagash Wilderness Waterway has named Somerville-based artist Nathan Allard its visiting artist for 2024.

Renowned for his works in egg tempera and watercolor, Allard brings a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary vision to capture the essence of nature, according to a news release from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Nathan Allard Elizabeth Hershey Photography

Since his formative years, Allard has been enamored with drawing and painting. His journey into the world of fine arts took a pivotal turn when he encountered Botticelli’s masterwork, “The Birth of Venus,” during high school. Intrigued by the qualities of egg tempera, Allard embarked on a quest to master this ancient medium, drawing inspiration from the likes of Andrew Wyeth and Winslow Homer.

Allard’s artistic process is deeply intertwined with nature, reflecting his appreciation for the natural world. He meticulously crafts his brushes from organic materials and hand-grinds pigments sourced from the landscapes he portrays.

During his August two-week residency at Lock Dam on the AWW, Allard plans to immerse himself in the wilderness’s untamed beauty, capturing its moods in sketches, watercolors and egg tempera paintings.

“Daybreak” by Nathan Allard. Courtesy of Nathan Allard

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