Bruce White and I agree on many things, and I am grateful for his support for the amazing Waterville-area soup kitchen.

But I disagree with Bruce on other things, especially his refusal to support reproductive freedom for individuals (or their doctors!) whose religious traditions don’t align with his. Although Bruce’s sworn oaths to the U.S. and Maine state constitutions require him to protect freedom of religion for all his constituents, he seems to believe his particular beliefs about reproductivity and family planning supersede the freedoms our constitutions grant to all of us, whether we attend a church, temple, or mosque, or are atheists.

In contrast, Cassie Julia supports the freedom of religion enshrined in our constitutions, proclaiming reproductive freedom as a right all Mainers — all Americans — can claim. I’ve already cast my early vote for Cassie Julia in the June 11 Democratic state primary. I hope you will too.

Elizabeth Leonard


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