PITTSFIELD — Geno is a good boy who can add “finding a lost purse” to his resume.

Maine State Police Trooper Logan Roberts, with the assistance of his patrol K-9 Geno, are shown after recovering a woman’s lost purse along Interstate 95 in Pittsfield late Wednesday night. Photo courtesy of Maine State Police

The trained police dog was called upon to do just that off Interstate 95 late Wednesday night. Maine State Police troopers received a call “from an elderly female driver who reported that she had lost her purse while traveling southbound on I-95 between Pittsfield and Augusta,” according to a news release from Shannon Moss, spokesperson for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

The woman had to pull over on the highway because of an unspecified medical emergency, and in the process she lost her purse on the side of the interstate, police said.

State Trooper Logan Roberts, with the assistance of his patrol K-9 Geno, was able to determine where the woman had been between that 40-mile stretch of highway and started a search for the purse.

“Demonstrating their teamwork and dedication, Trooper Roberts and Geno were able to locate the purse, which was found untouched on the side of the interstate in Pittsfield,” Moss said in the release. “The recovered purse was promptly returned to its grateful owner. This incident showcases just one of the many effective utilizations of K-9 teams.”

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