In any discussion of the Israel-Hamas situation, it is always a good idea to remind oneself at the outset that the Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas — by vote of the Palestinian people, and that through the years Hamas has made no secret of its abject refusal to recognize that the State of Israel has even the right to exist. (One certainly must admit that this doesn’t leave too much room for negotiations.)

It also helps if one remembers that in the vast majority of cases Hamas fires on Israel from within civilian territory, leaving Israel no alternative but to fire on civilians — after announcing its intention to do so, therefore giving civilians in the targeted area time to clear out — not much time, but that is still the humane thing to do.

In addition, it is a proven fact that over the years Hamas has taken the money given to it by such entities as Iran and used it to build their headquarters under hospitals, which makes what they are doing even worse.

Q: Who are Keith Siegel and Edan Alexander?

A: They are two of the five American hostages held by Hamas since Oct. 7.

Be honest — how many of you could answer that question?

Terence McManus

New Sharon

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