Our former president has just been found guilty of 34 felony counts by a jury of 12 of his peers in a trial where the evidence was corroborated by his friends and associates. We learned that the man who leads the chant “Stop the Steal” probably stole the 2016 election by paying hush money to a porn star to “catch and kill” a story that was considered likely to further turn the electoral tide against him after the Access Hollywood tape. His crime was the way he covered up what amounted to an illegal contribution to his election campaign.

Don’t be fooled. The trial was not a sham. The jury followed the facts and the law without fear or favor, resulting in a unanimous decision against the former president by 12 citizens selected by the prosecution and defense and pledged to impartiality.

The sham is the way that the former president and his enablers, many of whom were once highly critical of him, are trying to delegitimize the rule of law and undermine our democracy.

John Guarnaccia


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