The result is in. Donald Trump is a convicted felon.

A bunch of Republican politicians trotted up to claim bias and a “weaponized” justice system directed by President Biden before the trial was completed. They did not watch the trial and had no basis for their complaint. The jury took only a little under nine hours to arrive at a verdict. One must also note that this was not the federal justice system. It was a state trial. The speed of the verdict speaks volumes about the quality of the job done by the prosecution.

Trump will appeal and continue to rant and rave about the injustice of it all. The speed of the verdict also suggests a poor chance at appeal. I am very concerned about the implications for what comes next.

There is serious reason to be concerned about Trump’s mental health. Sentencing decisions consider a variety of factors including his contempt for the trial. His behavior toward the person making that decision suggests that he may not be able to take that into account because of his instability. Can we have someone in our highest office who has so little self-control?

Other things to consider:

1. Now that he is a convicted felon, how many states will find him ineligible to be on the ballot?


2. Many legal experts think jail time is likely for a variety of reasons including 10 findings of contempt during the trial; he is not contrite and acknowledges no fault and the person who helped him carry out these crimes was sentenced to three years (Cohen pleaded guilty and cooperated and was still sentenced to jail).

3. If he is elected and his appeal fails, and he is sentenced to jail time, how can he carry out his duties as president? He has no state immunity as the president.

Finally, will the Republican Party allow this to be their swan song?

Dean Crocker

Estero, Florida

Manchester, Maine

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