Winslow’s school budget will not increase your taxes. Four points I’d like to make:

First, there is only one thing we can give our children and grandchildren that can never be taken away. Their education! To limit their educational opportunities is depriving them of their future potential.

Second, inflation has increased the cost of living for us all and this includes the costs the school system pays in support of students’ education. Higher costs for food, fuel, etc., means less funds available for resources students need.

Third, school staff and teachers deserve a living wage.

Fourth, your taxes are determined based on the overall town budget, which includes the school budget, and the mill rate (aka, the tax rate) is set by the Town Council. The mill (tax) rate was decreased after last year’s reassessments and is not changing this year, so there is no tax increase to town citizens.

Let’s give our children and grandchildren the opportunities they deserve and see what they can do with it.

Please vote “yes” for the Winslow school budget.

Kate Newkirk


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